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Lord Kilous
PostPosted: Sat Jul 25, 2015 9:43 am    Post subject: Breaking the Silence


My Humblest apologies for not updating the site and not sending out the news letter last week. It has been A crazy week!

We have had a lot of success this week.

Sev has helped conquer a keep for the Ad and claimed it for the Knights.

Cryonagen is in the process of bidding on guild traders to help us all make a little gold.


WarriorWriter has been added to our guild and has already sponsored our site. Thank you so much for it!

Welcome to all our new members.


Activity and Participation Goals:


Whether you are wanting to advance in our ranks or just find people to game with this is the community for you. We play ESO, Destiny, Neverwinter, etc. Feel free to post in our forums, send messages, or just reach out in chat!

A Guild Member should rarely ever  need to use group finder with 71 members. So if you are online, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be willing to group up or if a request is sent at least acknowledge the sender. its ok to run solo quests, believe me I have 3 pages worth of quests I need to finish we get it!

Also stay active in guild chat 1. I have heard it time and time again that we are the only guild that has people in guild chat and who talk. Lets keep this trend up!



If you wish to advance (not required).

  • Get to know your officers (you need their votes and trust )

  • Donate to the greater good

  • Participate in Guild events!

Advancement to the rank of Knight gives you unlimited (but monitored) access to the guild bank.

If you have not made it to the rank of Knight and need mats or gear, Message myself or Cryonagen if we have it we can give it to you!


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