Lord Kilous

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    Guild Specific Info

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    General Info

    Trade Skills:

    Enchanting Level 3
    Alchemy Level 3

    Character Skills:

    Duel Wielding
    Dual Furry
    Solar Flare
    Breath of Life
    Lingering Ritual
    Rite of Passage (ultimate)
    Soul Tap

    Keys and Attunments:


    Character Bio:

    Before the first Age of Man. In the time when the Dragons will still young. I walked these sacred lands. No sword nor shield was needed in beginning hours of this world.
    There are very few alive who remember that time.
    The younger races were born each craving more power than the last. I took swords to defend my people, our way of life, before I knew it even we craved greater powers.
    Power....How many lives have been ended on the quest for power.
    Kilous was the name the ancient magic once gave me. There are not many alive that still remember its meaning.
    After the Reign of the Altmer was secured I hung up my swords, cleaned the blood from my hands, and tried to forget the devastation I brought into this world.
    And I faded into a decent memory of our ancient people. The WarLord Kilous would fade out of the history books. Or so I thought......
    The Veil between worlds has been torn, demons ravage our lands, the younger races fight for an empty throne.
    I hear the trumpet call in the distance. My Queen, my people, my thirst for battle calls to me again.
    The coming stories will be written in the blood of those who bare arms against me.
    "Gather unto me my forces"
    "Take up your swords, ready your bows, and prepare the land for your rage"
    "Follow me to Glory and Riches once more"
    "All those who have shared my Blood and taken the Oath, stand by my side once more"
    No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em