Guild ByLaws

Guild ByLaws and Guidelines for Fair Play

Please review the following. It is our goal to create a community of games, who work together to be successful and have fun. The following will be used to better facilitate these goals.

Guild Bank

The goal is to make everyone feel secure that their contributions are being used for the right reason and not being taken advantage of. We want to be secure and safe.

•Unlimited access to the bank will only be granted to players who have proven worthy of our trust. Rank Knight and Higher
•Every player is not required to donate to the bank! Donations contribute toward promotions and being able to request items. You scratch our back we scratch yours.

•Bank Withdraws Will be monitored by Guild officers. If a player has a habit of low value deposits but excessively high withdraws actions will be taken.
•Squires May request items from guild bank via a Quartermaster

Guild Trading and Material Sharing

We have been blessed with several passionate crafters and explorers. The goal is to make sure trades and sharing are conduct fairly.

•Decide on terms up front! It is ok to charge gold or ask for resources in exchange. Be fair and remember we are here to help each other over charge other people not a fellow KOB.
•Return the favor! If someone sends you items and rare materials keep them in mind. If you have multiple rare materials you don't use consider sending them some.

•It is ok to sell items and Materials out side the guild! Every player has the right to sell what they found or earned THEMSELVES! Keep in mind if you don't share your spoils what makes you think someone will share with you?

•Disputes between Knights over resources, items, material sharing, etc will be brought before our Guild Mediator. His word is final on the matter.


Chat and Social Behavior


  • Racial Slurs or Insults are Forbidden
  • Joking and General Trash talking is allowed but must be in good spirits
  • Encourage don't Discourage
  • If a situation is out of hand a guild officer has the right to send a warning message to the player
  • Failure to control ones behavior can result in a demerit



Disagreements among members

Our nature as gamers is to be competitive and aggressive. With this in mind conflicts may arise within KOB. To ensure cooler heads prevail and that we do not lose any one over a misunderstanding the following policy is in place.

•If members are unable to find a solution between themselves then the Council will get involved.

•Disputes will be brought before our Mediator Judge Rytiger. If he is unable to meet with the players within a reasonable time the Guildmaster will fill in.

•Both sides will be allowed to air their concerns and sides of the story uninterrupted. The mediator will ask follow up questions and make a ruling.

•Rulings are final and impartial!

•Poor conduct during mediation will result in possible demerits and immediate loss of case



 Guild Demerit System

Goal is to create a fair deterrent for unacceptable behavior and to increase the over all satisfaction with KOB

•Guild Officers are the only one allowed to assign demerits

•Demerits will be issued for infractions of the for-mentioned rules or by decisions from mediation

•Demerits each have  a 2 week expiration before possible removal

•Removal of demerits can be done only by guild officers

•Demerits will be logged under member notes.

•After 10 Demerits member will be demoted to the next lower rank and so on.

•Once a recruit has reached 10 Demerits the council will vote to keep player or not.


All changes to guild policies requires  a majority vote from the Council of the Nine

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