Guild Information

Guild Charter

The Knights of the Bloodoath is a multi game guild founded on mutual respect, trust, and cooperation. We continue to grow our ranks by recruiting similar like minded individuals regardless of age or skill level. Our goal is not to necessarily to be the biggest but to be the best

To do so we believe it is essential to work together as a team. Invest in newer players and develop them into champions. We strive to conquer the worlds we enter and enjoy ourselves while doing int.

We expect all members to stay active and help contribute to the great good. All members are required to help recruit.


The Knight's Code

A Knight is sworn to Valor

His Heart knows only Virtue

His Might upholds the weak

His blade defends the helpless

His Words speak only Truth

His Wrath undoes the wicked

His Knowledge will defeat ignorance

His Skills will be taught to the willing

His temper shall be held by patience

He will give ad to those who seek it

He will ask for aid when needed


Ranking System and explanation

  • Recruit: Players who have requested to join the Knights. Open to all players regardless of level.


  • Squire: Players who have participated in at least two guild activities as a recruit, purchased their Tabard, and has support of two Council members. May request items from guild vault via Quartermaster. 


  • Knights of the Oath: Recruits who have reached the minimum level 10, participated in at least 5 guild activities, donated to the Guild (Group pay for site, donate treasure to guild vault, or items to guild vault or players.), and has recruited two players. Will have full access to vault items. Support of Two Council Members to advance.


  • War Lord of the Oath: An active Knight who embodies all that we stand for. Donates regularly, helps other players, donates, and contributes. Must have the support of at least one of the Council members and a fellow Knight collaborating their deserving of this promotion.  War Lords lead guild events, have moderator status on the site, and are responsible for training of the newer members.


  • Counsel of the Nine: The high court of our guild who has authority over site admin, guild events, promotions, and awards. They are the founded members who brought forth this Guild into existence. Nine their shall always be. Their positions can only become available if one resigns or dies.

Guild Leaders and Their Primary Roles

Guild Master:

Lord Kilous: Everything!

Council of the Nine

  • Cowly03: Event Coordinator and Trainer

  • rytiger: Guild Mediator

  • Cryonagen: Quartermaster and Europe Division Coordinator

  • Pv Packersfan: Social Media Coordinator

  • Ace2791: Recruit Evaluator

  • HungryAmerican9: Recruit Evaluator

  • Jackbauer31617: Recruit Evaluator

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